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From Heartache to Hope

Posted on 02/02/2024
Nathan Nunez
Meet Nathan Nuñez, Rapid Response Clean-up Crew Lead. Nathan has been an invaluable member of Team Price for nearly two years, working tirelessly to address quality of life issues in the community. His responsibilities include the demanding tasks of removing bulky items, combating illegal dumping, and cleaning trash from District 9 neighborhoods.
Born and raised in Boyle Heights, this Angeleno takes great pride in his roots and is a devoted husband and father of four. After losing his mother to breast cancer, Nathan is determined to honor her legacy by striving to be the best version of himself.
With his sights set on the future, Nathan aims to transition into a first responder role to serve as either a police officer or firefighter. His passions and ambition speaks volumes about his character and dedication to making a difference in Los Angeles.
“What I love about CD 9 is the beauty in Black and Brown culture; the way I see  constituents come together as one, this is where we see each other as humans and color doesn’t matter,” said Nathan. “I love working with CD 9’s Rapid Response team because I get the opportunity to put out the change in our community that I want to see for the world, a cleaner and safer environment for everyone, but especially the youth.”
Here are some of the latest initiatives led by our Rapid Response Teams to improve the cleanliness of our South Central neighborhoods. 
CD 9 Rapid Response slate