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Join Your Neighborhood Council

Neighborhood Councils are advisory bodies who advocate for their communities with City Hall on important issues like development, homelessness and emergency preparedness. Neighborhood Council board members are City officials who are elected by the members of their local communities, but they donate their time as volunteers.

There are currently seven Neighborhood Councils that serve District 9. See list below. For more information, please visit

Neighborhood Council Meeting Day Address
Central Alameda Neighborhood Council 3rd Saturday James E. Slauson Recreation Center
5306 Compton Ave.
Los Angeles, 900011
South Central Neighborhood Council 3rd Tuesday All Peoples Community Center
822 E. 20th St.
Los Angeles, 90011
Zapata-King Neighborhood Council 3rd Wednesday Avalon Carver Community Recreation Center
4920 S. Avalon Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90011
Voices Neighborhood Council 2nd Tuesday Vermont Square Library
1201 W. 48th St.
Los Angeles, 90037
CANNDU 2nd and 4th Monday Los Angeles Ascot Public Library
120 W. Florence Ave.
Los Angeles, 90003
Empowerment Congress Southeast 4th Tuesday New Prospect Baptist Church
10910 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, 90061
Empowerment Congress North 1st Thursday To find out about upcoming meetings, times, dates and locations, please visit