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A Kitten Rescue

Posted on 03/24/2023
G and L

Dear Neighbors, 

I want to introduce you to two of the hardest working members of Team Price, who, as part of my Office’s Environmental Equity team, are out each day trying to clean up our neighborhoods. Most recently their attentiveness led them to save three little furry lives.

After finishing up at a job site at Wadsworth and Slauson in District 9, Guillermo was pulling the work truck around when he heard the faint sound of kittens in the distance. Discovered huddled together in the corner of a cardboard box, three newborn kittens were found shivering and hungry. 

That’s when Guillermo and Lantz jumped into action and took them to Save the Meow Meows kitten rescue, where they are now receiving much-needed care and love. This is the kind of special dedication the community has grown accustomed to from Team Price, and I couldn’t be more proud. 

As the saying goes, cats really do have nine lives but without a little help from Guillermo and Lantz, these kittens would not have had a fighting chance. If you or someone you know needs guidance with unwanted litters of kittens, please do not dump them, contact LA Animal Services at (888) 452-7381.

My sincerest thanks to Guillermo and Lantz – not all heroes wear capes! 

Curren Price Jr. Signature