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In Shared Strength

Posted on 12/01/2023
CP Fire
Dear Neighbors, 
On Nov. 28, I had the opportunity to meet with several courageous individuals affected by an early morning fire that swept through a building under construction at the 1500 block of E. Vernon Avenue. The incident sent two neighbors to the hospital and caused extensive damage to surrounding homes, three of which were red-tagged and are now uninhabitable.
In all, six addresses were impacted by the fire, with the youngest victim being only one month old. Working alongside the Emergency Management Department (EMD) and other city departments, Red Cross, and local nonprofits, we are focused on meeting the victims' immediate needs. Residents who were evacuated received financial assistance from the Red Cross to support their housing, food, and clothing needs, and are also receiving ongoing case management support for long-term housing solutions.
Our office has been actively collaborating with local organizations, including All Peoples Community Center, Soledad Enrichment Action (SEA), Newton Community Police Station, and nonprofit partners like Baby2Baby. We have organized a wide range of donations, from clothing and blankets to toiletries, baby wipes, diapers, and toys. The entire district has been deeply affected by this catastrophic event, and there is a widespread desire to provide assistance and support.
I want to extend my gratitude to the more than 140 brave firefighters who valiantly fought the fire for over an hour. I also wish to express my thanks to LADOT and Metro for swiftly providing transportation to evacuate victims to the Ross Snyder Recreation Center during the early hours, ensuring that every neighbor found shelter, children had a warm place to rest, and families were connected with Red Cross representatives.
My office is dedicated to assisting the families in navigating through this challenging time, and we are prepared to offer essential aid as they work to rebuild their lives. This moment is truly heart wrenching, and we are all devastated, but the spirit and resilience of CD 9 will shine through in the end.
Curren Price Jr. Signature
Cp fire